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First Floor No. 2 Building HuoJu Road, East Hight Technology Area Xi'an
       Founded in 2003, the enterprise specializes in IT desktop service management.With the whole company's assiduous pursuit and unremitting efforts, we have won recognition and praise of more than ten clients, which include foreign enterprises, telecommunication operators, domestic enterprises and universities etc.
      We are putting forward the flow as core, relying on the advantages of technological and personnel, using the best practices of advanced ITIL, in accordance with service level agreements with clients which is based on developing a single interface, and we provide professional IT event management, including issues management; configuration management; change management; release management and IT service supports. And the use of ITSM service management system makes the scientific management of work flow come true and is also able to offer all the service flow processing reports in time.
      We have plenty of experiences to maintain many companies' equipment and standard desktop service management. We apply swift deployment, standard configuration and the desktop system that protects end users to event management, problem management, configuration management, change management and other service process management. We aim at helping clients to professionalize management, save costs, and gain better service and higher satisfaction.
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