• 1.Door-to-door services of operating system, application program and configuration and problem of hardwares
  • 1.After receiving the calls from telephone support service personnel, the door-to-door service personnel will arrive to handle the problems.

    2.Assist in handling the problems appliable to our products.

    3.When we confirm that the problems are within reach of other service providers or companies, we will assist in contacting them to handle the problems.

    4.After handling the problems, we will provide you with a 15-minute basic training involving starting, connecting to server, starting desktops and laptops, processing emails, printing on the given printer, security, anti-virus, duplicating and telephone support service process

  • 2.IMAC (installation, relocation, addition, change) services
  • 1.Providing clients with brand-new installation debugging of IT equipment. Highly efficient and scientific on-the-spot organization and management ability ensures the right installation and qualified debugging within the schedule time.

    2.Formulating a careful plan for our clients, and making preparations of data duplicating, machines, spares, and reconnaissance of transportation routes for equipment relocation so as to ensure the successful equipment relocation within the schedule time.

    3.Providing clients' added IT equipment with installation debugging service so that the newly added equipment can switch in the existing system smoothly and play its role immediately.

    4.Timely and efficiently supporting clients to change the use attribute of IT equipment.

  • 3.The response of single point of contact to service request and problem management
  • 1.Provide you with a single point of contact telephone number to receive problem request applicable to our products.

    2.Record all the problem request of end users into the database supported by the telephone support service and provide you with telephone support service according to the pre-defined service process.

    3.Provide basic use recommendations to all the supportable systems and application softwares.

    4.Provide judgement to problems and assist end users to judge whether the problems are hardwares, system softwares, application softwares, local area network (LAN) medium, connect to network, use or material consumption problem.

    5.Under allowable circumstances, solve end users' problem request through remote guidance.

    6.As for problems needed solving by your other providers, assist you to submit these unsolved problems to appropriate support ways.

  • 4.Software distribution, anti-virus management, patch and account updating management
  • 1.Customize frequently used application softwares by utilizing multifunctional program package generator.

    2. Test and deploy the customized distribution software program package.

    3.Assist you to formulate the strategy of software distribution.

    4.Carry out software distribution to given client groups timely or according to the user-defined schedule time.

    5.Inspect the software installation (operating system and anti-virus software) under companies.

    6.Assess the current leaks by using latest industry knowledge.

    7. Retrospect and select correct patches for every computing platform.

    8. Swiftly repair the leaks and high-efficiently set up patch-leveled security mechanism.

    9. Maintain patch updating beforehand via automatic assessment and installation.

  • 5.Account management
  •   Configurate password and account lockout strategy for catalog, deactivate the account or user group to disable others to visit the catalog and according to the user's binding DN, restrict user's usable system resources.

  • 6.The asset management
  • 1.through asset management tools, collect all the computer softwares and hardwares in the clients' asset, such as computer BIOS parameter under client, CPU type, EMS memory quantity, system information, operating system version and installed softwares etc.

    2.Store the collected client's asset information into the core database.

    3.Provide rich monthly asset report.

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